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Consulting and Business Advisory

Consulting and Business Advisory We make sure that we provide the best consultations and advice to our clients in many areas including: Adoption of IAS and IFRS, improving internal control procedures, implementing new accounting systems or upgrading existing ones, compliance with laws and legislations applicable to the business and so on.

Establishing and Registration of companies

Establishing and Registration of companies We help our new and upcoming clients focus on the business side of things while we take care of all the legal documents related to registering the company at the concerned government bodies and business startup as to prevent any future disruption of business due to legal issues.

Tax Consulting and Compliance Services

Tax Consulting and Compliance Services Our long years of experience in Taxation have made us the go-to firm for tax consultation. We provide A to Z tax services to clients, ranging from preparing tax statements to ensuring our clients comply with all tax laws and disclose their tax statements within set deadlines.  

Feasibility studies

Feasibility Studies whether our client is a large corporation looking to branch out, or an entrepreneur seeking assistance in business startup, we believe that feasibility studies give a clearer picture of the future by means of accurate assessment of the opportunities and challenges presented. Our years of experience in various industries and business environments complement our professional approach to feasibility…

Internal Audit

Internal Audit Our experience in Evaluating and highlighting areas of concern in internal control systems, as well as the diverse backgrounds of our team members (banking, industries, commercial companies…) qualify us to undertake internal audit tasks and responsibilities to ensure complete and reliable financial reporting, minimal fraud risk and the realization of the business goals and objectives.

Banking Sector Assurance Services

Banking Sector Assurance Services We provide Syrian banks with assurance services related to their compliance with applicable laws in the sector and meeting the reporting requirements of the different governing bodies (Central Bank of Syria, Syrian Commission of Financial Markets and Securities, Damascus Security Exchange, Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Commission). These services are provided by our specialized team…

Management Services

Management Services These are aimed to support our clients’ management teams in the process of decision making, strategy and plan setting and monitoring progress to set goals and objectives. Budget and performance analysis, business environment and risk assessment, Investment and business combination management and internal control systems are few examples of services we can provide for management teams.

Business services

Business Services We provide our clients with a wide range of business services tailored to their needs including but not limited to: Accounting services, Accounting systems setup and control, financial systems and planning, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, Project Management, Operation management, Business Restructuring, Recruitment of accounting and finance human resources, Training courses and seminars and so on.

Audit and Assurance

Audit and Assurance Our team of highly educated, qualified and experienced certified accountants plan and undertake audit engagements according to the best practices set in International standards on Auditing and Codes of Ethics to ensure that financial statements fairly reflect the financial position and performance of our clients and their compliance with the applicable Accounting standards.

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