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Economic & Financial Consultations & Studies Office, is a private Office was established in 1978 by Mr. Abdullah Makssour (certified accountant since 1977). In 2004 Mr. Mohamed Makssour (certified accountant since 2009) became the managing director and the firm CEO.

Our firm is a member of the Association of Syrian Certified Accountants (which is the national auditing body that is a recognized regulatory body of professional accountants and Auditors in Syria).

The objectives of our Firm is extending of audit, financial and tax services in addition to preparation of the financial accounting systems, feasibility studies and establishing and registration of companies.

Our Firm has offered all the said audit and services in practice and we are as a Firm has been nominated and approved by the two Supervising Authorities on Stock Market and Insurance to audit the accounts of the companies which subject to the supervision of these two Authorities.

Professional Services:

We offer a full range of professional services, with an international approach. We take a proactive role as management consultants in helping our clients achieve their unique business objectives through tailored, practical applications

Service include:

  1. Audit and Assurance.
  2. Business Services.
  3. Tax Consulting and Compliance Services.
  4. Consulting and Business Advisory.
  5. Management Services.
  6. Internal Audit.
  7. Establishing and registration of companies.
  8. Feasibility studies.

Key Clients:

  • Syrian Telecom Company.
  • Cham Islamic Ban
  • Arabian Insurance Company.
  • Damascus Cham Holding Company.
  • Souria Holding Company.
  • Zuraa Holding Company.
  • Syrian Kuwait Insurance Company (SKIC).
  • Alshatta for Technical Engineering (ASTE).
  • Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE).
  • AlNibras Company (Corporation).
  • Senner J.S.C (Corporation).
  • Syrian-Finnish Dairy Company (Corporation).
  • ASEC Syria for Cement (Corporation).
  • Ouais Group for Engineering (OGEC).
  • AVENZOR for Pharmaceutical Industries (Corporation).
  • Tarif Al Akhras Group (TAG).
  • Universal Pharmaceutical Industries .LTD (UNIPHARMA).
  • LG Electronics (Levant) Branch in Syria.
  • Mitsulift Syria Ltd (Mitsubishi elevators and escalators)
  • Philip Ajlouni (Mitsubshi Air-Conditioners Agent in Syria).
  • Kahale Technical Group for Consulting Engineering.
  • Zuhair Al-Hamali Sons (AZZARO).
  • ORKILA LTD (Chemical raw materials distributor).
  • SKY JOUD & SERDARIAN (Panasonic).
  • Al-Ahlia Vegetable Oil Company (Corporation).
  • United Exchange Company (Corporation).
  • Levant Motors ” Mercedes agent in Syria “
  • Net Logistics LLC.
  • Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi (Tax Advisor).
  • Fransabank (Tax Advisor).
  • Syrian Gulf Bank (Tax Advisor).
  • Nestle Syria A ((Tax Advisor).)

Damascus - Syria

Omar AlMokhtar Av. Shahbandar



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